About Charting Service

About Oil Trading Room

How Does The Trading Room Work?

Once you subscribe to the trading room you'll be given a password and link to join the room with. You'll simply login to the room and be able to take advantage of the trades I'll be taking. You'll be able to see my screen and see the trades I'm entering so that you yourself can easily follow the trades. You'll also hear my voice and know what I'm going to do before it do it, to help you easily prepare for the trade. The trading room will make your trading easy by following my lead into the trades each day.

What Times Are The Trading Room Open?

The trading room is generally open at 6:00am PST (California Time) How long the room is open for will change from day to day and trade to trade. But the room will close for sure around 12:00noon PST. Most of the time however we won't need to be in the room that long, maybe just 1-3 hours. You can look up your own time relative to the trading room hours via the World Clock.

What Strategy Of Trading Does The Trading Room Use?

I'm using the Code 2 for the Oil Futures market just like you see me doing at my YouTube Channel. Much of the time I'll be using the breakout technique but some of the time I'll be using Code 1 entries into Code 2 trades. All of the trades I take will have already been determined and announced within my Charting Service many hours before the trading begins. So what you see me doing at my YouTube channel will be what I do within my trading room, using the same exact strategy and method of trading.

If you would like to get started trading within my trading room each day subscribe below.

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$400.00 Per Month

Note: After you subscribe to my trading room you'll soon receive a welcome email with instructions on how to get into the room along with a password to use for the room. If you don't receive your welcome email within 12 hours email me and let me know at support@eminisptradingsecret.com