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About My Charting Service....

After you've purchased both of my courses Emini S&P Course and Code Two Course you'll be eligible to subscribe to my charting service. My charting service will help you in countless ways but let me highlight the main ways in which this very special service will help you master the codes in your own trading and help you on a daily basis to nail Code Two everyday on the Oil Futures Market (CL) (WTI) like you see me doing in my videos posted to my YouTube Channel Emini S&P Trading Secret.

Code One By you seeing what the code One is everyday it will help you to learn how Code One works and you can check the code against your own results, which will help you learn to find the code each day more easily. There are only so many code ones that you're going to see, by seeing them everyday and seeing how they repeat themselves you'll be able to recognize what the code is much easier. Also you'll know and keep up to date at all times exactly when they're changing Code One during the trading session so you can be aware of this change and easily change with it so you can hit your Code One trades with great accuracy.

Code Two This is where the charting service excels, I'll track Code Two everyday for you and all you have to do is login to the members area for the charting service and check what the Code Two is, once you know where it is you simply use that code for the next day which will of course allow you to nail the Code Two everyday within the Oil Futures (CL) market. This is how you're going to hit your 100 to 200 tick trades everyday.

Code One & Code Two My charting service will start where the code video course leaves off and will take your code trading to a whole new level by teaching you the codes in more depth where you learn how the codes operate on choppy days, trend days, reversal days, and teach you exactly how to recognize which day we're in and how to use the code for that day. I'll teach you all the tricks I know for the full measure of the codes so that you have every advantage you can possible have in your trading of both codes.

Charting Service You'll learn how to detect Code entries with the highest probability of success, by looking for Code One setups that are about to make a big move on the chart. You'll also learn how to find Code Two using Code One directly on the charts themselves by taking the code itself and graphically displaying it for you each day to bring the code alive for you, so that you can see it's real and consistant everyday, and learn strategies on how to read the codes taking entries on them that have a very high success rate such as 90%.

Charting Strategies You're going to learn many charting strategies using the codes, knowing what days to go short and what the code is for that day, giving you the key to the market to unlock it with. You'll learn strategies within the charts by me pointing out specific charts and calling your attention to them to watch for them to come again and when they do you're ready to take the trade for a big winner even much more than 200 ticks. You'll learn how to know when a top or bottom comes on the Daily Chart, an invaluable piece of information.

Daily Video Everyday I record a daily video for you as apart of this charting service, and I go over both codes for the day and the Code Two for the next day, along with any prediction I can give you on whether oil is going to move up or down or any kind of information I can give you to better help you know what to look for to give you every advantage I can over the oil market in addition to the codes themselves. I think you'll find my daily video informative and useful in your trading.

As the code changes my methods and strategies will also change, my charting service will keep you on top of the codes at all times and allow you to make virtually as much money you want to make with only a $300mo charge. If you're serious about this and just need somebody you can trust to teach you to make money trading the markets and specifically trading Oil because it's hot and it's moving big everyday, then get this charting service and let me help you every single trading day to learn how the code works at a higher more in-depth level and teach you the current strategies I use to trade the codes, which may change in the future as the code changes. But you can always count on my ability to know what the code has changed to or how they've changed the code in anyway and exactly what to do about it. And perhaps the most valuable reason of all is the fact that I'm tracking Code Two everyday and you can use that tracking for your Code Two trade the next day, with this one simple service it will allow you to nail Code Two everyday just like I'm doing and posting the videos to my YouTube channel. Also I'm sharing with you where all the mathematical weaknesses are at the current time, which also change as the charts are changing, that's why this charting service will become invaluable to you as a professional trader and you won't want to trade without it.

If you've purchased my trading course that includes both Code One & Code Two you're already eligible to subscribe to this charting service and you are automatically eligible to receive your first two weeks for free. The service cost $300 per month after that and you can cancel at anytime including before your two free weeks expires and you won't be billed. All purchasers of Code One & Code 2 are retroactively eligible to subscribe to my charting service.

Subscribe To Charting Service: $300/month

Note: Requires prior purchase of Emini S&P Course (Code One) & Code Two Video Course. This charting service is for the Oil Futures Market (CL) otherwise called WTI Oil.

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